Current Patents and Concepts


Seabed seismic sensors and method of use of seabed seismic sensors

De Kok, R., October 11, 2006
GB patent 2,424,953

Rotational motion compensated seabed seismic sensors an methods of use in seabed seismic acquistion

De Kok, R., Goujon, N., Combee, L. and Melbo, A., November 3, 2006
US patent 2006,245,300

Method for acquiring and processing of data from two or more simultaneously fired sources

De Kok, R., April 8, 2003
US patent 6,545,944

Method for suppressing systematic amplitude variations

De Kok, R., June 11, 2003
World patent 03091752

Method of marine seismic exploration utilizing vertically and horizontally offset streamers

De Kok, R., December 10, 2002
US patent 6,493,636

Seismic vibrator control

De Kok, R., December 1, 1983
patent GB2101317

Method and apparatus for detecting the location of a marine pipeline or cable

De Kok, R., January 27, 1981
US patent 4,247,923

Concepts currently active:

Doppler underwater navigation

Seismic vibrator control

Simultaneous seismic shooting

Over-under technology

Autonomous OBS methods