Most recent publications:

Directions in Ocean Bottom Surveying

De Kok, R.
The Leading Edge, April 2012.

A view on Future OBS Surveying

De Kok, R.
Expanded Abstract H013,73rd EAGE Conference, Vienna Austria, 23-27 May 2011.

The Ocean-bottom Recording Trade-off

De Kok, R.
The Leading Edge,August 2006.

The next Advances in 3D Marine Acquisition

De Kok, R.
EAGE Fall Research Workshop on Advances in Seismic Acquisition, Rhodes Greece, 20-23 September 2004.

A Universal Simultaneous Shooting Technique

De Kok, R. and Gillespie, D.
Expanded Abstract paper A-04, 64th EAGE Conference, Florence Italy, 27-30 May 2002.

Deepwater Geohazard Analysis using Prestack Inversion

De Kok, R., Dutta, N., Khan, M., Mallick, S.
71st SEG Meeting, San Antonio USA, 10-14 September 2001.

Shallow Water Flow Detection using Prestack Inversion

De Kok, R., Dutta, N., Mallick, S., Utech, R., Vauthrin, R.
paper N-37, 63rd EAGE Conference, Amsterdam The Netherlands, 11-15 June 2001.

Quantification of Shallow Water Flow Zones using Pre-stack Inversion of Seismic data

Dutta, N., De Kok, R.
ERCH Geohazard Workshop, Del Lago USA, 3-4 April 2001.